Nocturne – CD Art

It has been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to design art for a CD’s. Growing up in the music scene, owning a record label, and being in multiple bands myself, I’m no stranger to it that’s for sure. But after putting music in a lower priority than I used to, the need to do that has dwindled down quite a bit.

When Steve hit me up to design his I was absolutely ecstatic! And when I found out it was for a classical guitar album I was even more excited. Most of my designs in the past had been for indie or punk bands.

He came to me with a beautiful story and a brilliant idea. When he was still in school, he would practice his classical pieces at night in the hallways since he couldn’t practice in his apartment. It was just him and the custodians. He wanted to showcase that part of his life by calling it Nocturne and having an old lantern lighting up the cover.

I loved the idea and ran with it. He will have the album for sale soon and I’ll try to remember to post a link to purchase once it’s available!

Thank you again Steve!

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