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37579433_140293790205968_450571249358209024_nMelted.Zipper is a one woman creative force from the gulf coast of Texas.

My name is Brea Lara, but most people know me by my stage name, Brea Danger. I got my start in the underground music and the local art scene at a young age and since then have been an avid advocate for both. Happily married to a writer, photographer and fellow musician who parent six gorgeous cats and all the neighborhood strays. Lover of unicorns, Halloween, and Sci-Fi. I have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a focus in Graphic and Web Design. I have been creating art both on the computer screen and off of the computer screen since before I could walk. I specialize in show flyers and band merch, and mixed media art. I have been playing bass and guitar as well as being a lead vocalist in various bands for over 16 years.