Meet the Maker

Brea Lara is an artist from Victoria, TX,   Her art is fueled by her passion to empower herself and those around her and ranges from illustrations, graphic and logo design, to mixed media art pieces and pyrography. The art she creates is heavy in symbolism and tends to focus on duality.  It tells the story of various stages of the process of self discovery and sheds light on the dark recesses of the mind. 

She has over 10 years of experience in print media as a screen printer and graphic designer and has a BA in Applied Arts and Science.  In her spare time she loves to work in her gardens with her husband and tend to her cat children and feral colony.  Her and her husband actively protect and socialize the ferals in their neighborhood and provide veterinary care to them as well.  She loves Halloween, the dark and macabre, unicorns, and sci-fi.

Why Melted Zipper?

We have zippers on our clothes, our backpacks, our purses. They are used, essentially, to keep things contained and safe. What happens when we open that zipper? We have the ability to open ourselves up. We bare our nakedness to the world.

What happens if we take that a step further? What all do we have locked down deep within? Why do we keep ourselves small? Why do we continue to zip ourselves up and hide who we are?

Show yourself and the world around you the real you. Step into that bravely and empower yourself. Build yourself up. Continue unzipping and melting away the layers until you find who you really are. Eventually you will come to the core of you.

Empowering and giving people the tools to help find that part of themselves again is the driving force behind Melted Zipper.

Custom Logo Design

Looking to start a new project or business? Need a brand refresh? Let me help you get the look that you’ve always dreamed of! My custom logo design begins at $150.00 and comes with fully vectorized files ready to go for any business need.


Need illustrations for your latest project? I’ve worked with various clients to create illustrations for t-shirts, books, art prints, gifts for family and friends, tattoos, and more. Illustrations begin at $110.00. Hit the button below to get your quote.

Mixed Media Art

Intuitively designed wood burned pieces created specifically for you. Painted with special herbal washes that are hand picked to match the energy of the piece and client. Click below to get a personalized quote. Prices vary on the size and detail of the project.

US Shipping Available ONLY.




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