Fire Goddess Commission

Micron on paper linework. Digitized in Illustrator. Color added in Photoshop.

I got hit up by a lovely lady to help her design a tattoo. I was intrigued and wasn’t quite sure if I could pull it off. My art work… On someone’s body… for the entirety of the rest of their life? Whoa man. That’s some pressure.

So we worked through some sketches and came to an agreement on how we wanted the piece to look. I was super excited. It was one of the most difficult pieces I’ve done to date (that seems to be happening a lot recently, huh?) Confesssion time: I have a hard time with hands. And eyes. So I come up with clever ways to bypass that. And sometimes some not so clever ways. It’s cool. But somehow, on this piece, I managed to nail them. The piece was a digital art piece, once completed I sent her the finalized files.

There’s something about fire though, right? It’s all power. Mesmerizing. Sensual almost. Uncontrollable. We as women all have that depth to us, even if we don’t see it just yet. Drawing this piece helped me to tap into that side of myself. That deep, dark, all knowing, powerful, sensual, beauty of a goddess.

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