Spring Equinox

Micron on paper linework. Digitized in Illustrator. Color added in Photoshop.

May you find the balance that you desire and need, light and dark, spirit and body, mind and soul. May you recognize the gradual powerful rebirth happening within you. May you awaken to the potential and the blossoming of your own self.

The spring equinox is an energetically powerful and sacred time to awaken from the introspective hibernation of winter. Set your intentions and dreams into motion. During this celebration the days and night are in perfect balance allowing us to see our intentions and desires clearly as we tip towards the light and rebirth of spring. This energy will fuel your growth as the days get longer and the sun grows warmer. We move from an inward focus to an outward focus. This shift can make us feel a bit unstable. The spring equinox brings us back to a state of equilibrium and balance.

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