Mother’s Urn

Every once in a while I’ll get hit with a request that will floor me. This piece was one of those.

It’s hard enough dealing with loss and being there for people you consider friends but to be asked to be such an integral piece of how she will be remembered felt like a ton of responsibility and I wasn’t sure which route to take at first. After some careful consideration this was the option I felt best. Simple felt best. She had just a few requests of what she wanted so I made sure to stick to that but the rest she was very flexible on.

I honestly would have almost preferred exact specifications. So I started like I always do, with a simple rough sketch that I traced onto the wood. I decided not to carve this piece to keep the wood intact and whole.

From there I added the water color and stain washes with a special herbal mix created to honor the loved one that would be housed in the urn.

I wanted to keep it simple so I didn’t add much detail. Just the moons and the goddess and wings. The paint is a metallic shimmery water color. The colors felt significant. I wanted something that felt fiery and passionate. It translated well against the dark wooden grain

I was honestly so happy as to how this came out. I love you too the moon and back, Lynette, and may your mother continue to be honored and loved even through her death.

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