Moon Phase Crystal Grid

The moon’s cycles reminds us that everything in life changes, including us. There is a time in life to act, to rest, to plan, to contemplate, to release. Working with the moon allows us to move with the natural energies of the planet. Living in this way allows us the time to breathe, rest, and grow into our most powerful and beautiful self. Tap into the power of this magnificent and beautiful energy with this handmade crystal grid board.

This crystal grid has been made from basswood and has the bark still lining the edge. The image has been wood burned by hand with original art. The background is partially carved out and the color has been painted on with watercolors and a special herbal wash made with a handcrafted herbal blend that was seeped in water.

Crystals NOT included.

It is approx at 9.5″ x 10.5″ and is approx about an inch thick.

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