Halloween Samhain All Hallows Eve Pumpkin Spirit Doll – Polly Anna Spirit of Death and Rebirth

As the nights grow longer and we step deeper into the shadows, the spirits of fall slowly wake from their slumber to bring in the changes of the season.

Polly Anna, the spirit of death and rebirth, brings to us the reminder that death is an important part of life. she is the green of spring and summer fading into the red and browns of fall. she is bare branches. piles of leaves. she is the depths. she tells us that in order for the growth to come in the spring we must first descend into the depths of night that occur during fall and winter.

Polly Anna brings with her total trust that even though the darkness comes for us now, we know that rebirth and new growth awaits us.

Polly Anna is a one of a kind item and will likely not be remade.

Polly Anna is approximately 12″ wide by 17″ long.

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