Santa Muerte Prayer Card – Animal Companion Prayer

These Santa Muerte prayer cards are a great multi-purpose tool for your altar whether you are on the go, you have a secret altar, or you just want an original image to put on your current working altar. These cards offer versatility, convenience, and portability to any practice by giving every Santa Muerte altar what it needs, an image of the beloved Saint of Death. These have been made with the intent to elevate our beloved pets and animal companions to keep them safe and protected throughout their daily lives.

Please note that this listing only includes the prayer card. The other items in the photo are for photography purposes only.

This Santa Muerte Prayer Card has been hand made with intention and purpose. The art is one of a kind and has been designed specifically for Melted Zipper’s Santa Muerte line. The prayers were written specifically for this card design by Tio Muerte.

The altar card is created using original art by Brea Lara of Melted Zipper that has been printed and then heat laminated. The card size with lamination is approx 2 1/8″ x 3 6/8″.

To Purchase Now: Shop on Etsy

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