Santa Muerte Statue

For those of you who had been following my Instagram stories last week/weekend you may have seen some little sneak peaks of this piece.

I’ve had her in my life for years. She’s been with me through numerous moves and shitty boyfriends. I’ve had her in my life longer than I’ve known my husband actually. ๐Ÿ˜‚ She was one of those things I had to have because I knew at some point I was going to turn her into something amazing. For years I kept her in storage just waiting for the right hit of inspiration. For the past 5 years she’d been gathering dust in our garage.

Sometimes my creative process can be a bit, for lack of a better term, manic. I can get lost in the things I create. The image of what it needs to be comes in so strong and so clearly that I have to get it out of my head before I lose it. This was one of those pieces. I finished her in the course of four days. Early mornings. Late evenings… and most waking hours in between. The painting part came pretty easy but it was a bit bit different creating her dress and halo. Her dress and cloak were sewn mostly by hand but some of it was done by machine because I honestly don’t have much patience for sewing and if you have ever sewn velvet…. omg you know my pain. ๐Ÿ˜‚ A lot of the items used to create her were thrifted items that were repurposed. What really caught me off guard was the halo. I was at a loss for how I was going to create it and I thought maybe I was going to have to get really good at wire wrapping really quick. But while out shopping I saw almost the exact pattern I saw in my head and knew that that item was exactly what I needed.

For you artists out there, even the good ones, how often does a piece come to life in exactly the way you saw it in your head? And how many times out of those does it flow easily and without issues?

The rest of her veil, a flower crown, and possibly a sacred heart is still in the works and I’ll post a picture of her totally finished and in her permanent home once I get that all done.

If you’d like to see her in person I’ll have her for display at the next First Friday Art Show at Moonshine on August 6… But she won’t be for sale. This one is going to be in my personal collection.

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