Moon and Fire Commission Pendulum Board

I was asked by a client to make a pendulum board to help her on her path. She is relatively new to her practice and has been needing some guidance. The cool thing about the boards that I make is that even if you choose not to use it frequently the energy of what you need in your current life journey is there. So simply displaying it on your altar as a reminder to see and look at daily can be helpful.

I was very excited to start this piece! She wanted something that involved the moon and fire and I chose to keep it kind of simple since she also asked to just have the words on it.

I followed my normal process on this piece. I began by doing a rough sketch then tracing it onto the board.

From there I painted the pigments onto the board and then I begin my wood burning process. The pigments I use are natural – not plastic based so the smoke isn’t toxic (though I still use a mask). I do my process this way because I found that painting after the fact requires double work since I usually have to go back over the wood burning to clean up the line work. This is the finished wood burned and painted piece without sealant.

And here is the final piece! It turned out so lovely!

If you are interested in a custom piece shoot me an e-mail or a DM through any of my social media handles! Thank you for reading!

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