Red Santa Muerte Pocket Rosary

Rosary is Approx. 3 5/8″ in length from top of the rosary to the end of the charm. This rosary is made with a durable waxed cotton cord that has been secured secured by knots, resin glue, and a silver plated crimp cover. The Our Father bead is made from a wooden bead and the ten decade beads are made from red acrylic beads. The accent beads are bronze plated and glass beads. The charm is an image of Santa Muerte and is made from Zinc Alloy and is approx 23×10 mm.

The top beaded part is approx 1 5/8″ and the tail part is approx 2″.

Please allow for discrepancies in measurement – these were measured by hand.

Pocket rosaries allow for practitioners and devotees to pray and meditate on the go. These are made small to allow you to carry them with you discreetly. This particular rosary works well as a finger rosary or pocket rosary.

This rosary is assembled 100% by hand.

A prayer card on the back gives directions for Folk Catholic and prayers for non-Catholic and non-Christian users.

Praying the rosary can help put us in a state of gnosis and meditation to clear the mind and relieve anxiety. It helps us connect to The Holy Queen of Death, Santa Muerte and can be used as part of your offering ritual or meditation practice.


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