Dark Goddess

I’m not the best at creating things for myself. I get so caught up in making things for the business to sell that a lot of times my own projects get pushed to the way-side. It’s part of it. But I do try to set aside time every now and again for things I want to make for me. I had been wanting a dark goddess statue for my altar. I’ll buy from someone sooner than make it myself but this one felt like it needed to be made by me since it would be helping me work through some stuff I’m going through. I was stuck. I didn’t want to hand sculpt a goddess. Why? It takes to damn long for clay to dry.. even with oven clay and then you risk it being burnt or cracked. (I’m not the best with clay.)

I was at the shop I work at when I saw a little ceramic black goddess and HOLY SHIT IT WAS PERFECT AND EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. So I made that little goddess mine. I took her and painted symbols and designs on it with paint and a paint marker. Once finished, I painted some resin over the paint to keep it from pealing off. Honestly, it turned out amazing and I love it. It has a home sitting proudly on my altar.

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