Goddesses of Balance Commission

A while back, my friend Renee hit me up about doing some small altar tiles to honor the goddesses she works with. She wanted one representing the dark goddesses (Lilith and The Morrigan), my personal favorite energy to tap into, and the other to represent the lighter more feminine aspect (Danu, Brigid, Hestia). I had to sit with this a bit since combining goddess energy into one image is a little bit different from how I normally go for it. In the end, though, it felt like a balance between the dark feminine and the beautiful light of the contrasting side was the way to approach it. I’ve done many pieces with this girl over the past year and she is by far one of the strongest, kind, and most beautiful people I know. The pieces were both small, around 4″ each so I didn’t have much room for elaborate detail. I tend to go towards heavy, dark, solid lines. It probably stems from my love of the old school tattoo style. That style plays nicely with the primitive symbolic pieces that I create.

I started as I usually do with creating a rough sketch and then transferring it to the wood. From there I began the wood burning process. Once done with that I began carving the pieces. I know I’ve talked about it before, but carving is seriously so important to my art! It adds such beautiful depth and texture.

From there I began the coloring. I decided to make one wash that incorporated both the energies I was working with. Balance is important in all aspects of the craft. Tap into Lilith! But then don’t forget about your light. She needs attention too.

Once the wash and color is done, I always seal the piece with a polycrylic sealant to lock in the color and protect the wood.

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