All Knowing Commission

I was asked by a wonderful friend to create this special piece for her son. Isn’t awesome when magic courses through a whole family? This boy is a special one (everyone thinks their kid is, lets be honest, but this one really is). I had to sit and think about how to go about this since most of my pieces are created for women. I’m all too familiar with my masculine but I still see things through a woman’s eyes. I had to really step outside of myself to see things differently to get this one just right. I decided to go with simple symbolistic piece that he can use to not only help him in his practice, but also in ways that he can approach life. The elements came through strong with that last bit.

I started with a rough sketch and then transferred the image to the board and the burning began!

From there comes the carving! The carving is seriously one of the most important pieces for me. It adds texture and depth to something that is flat. Without, it feels like the whole piece looses meaning.

Then comes the wash and colors! I always make special herbal blends for each custom piece directed to the persons energy.

I finish out the piece by adding any details and then sealing it with a polycrylic sealant to hold in the color and protect the wood.

As always, if you are interested in a custom piece shoot me an e-mail or DM!

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