Black Cat Pendulum Board

For those of you who know me well, you know one of my favorite animals is cats, especially black cats. We take care of a feral colony outside that averages about 13 cats and have 4 spoiled inside boys. So when I was requested to make a cat pendulum board (with a snake!) I was sooooo excited. I love incorporating shapes and dots and lines and spirals so I played around with different ways to incorporate those design aspects into this piece.

From the sketch I traced the image onto the board and began the wood burning process.

Once the wood burning process was completed I began prepping my herbs and paints for the color wash. Every piece I do gets a special mix made specifically for the person it is being made for. It then charges on my altar while it dries to get that extra goodness. This piece was so much fun to make and I’m so glad it went to such a good home!

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