Goddess Offering Bowl

This was an interesting piece to work on, I must say! I haven’t done one this small in a while and there was a lot of detail that I wanted to incorporate. Some of it was cut and simplified to keep the dynamic and flow intact. I started with a rough sketch and then sized and traced it on the lid.

This was the first piece I had created where I didn’t have a full picture in my head of where it needed to go which is really out of character for my creative process. I had to literally flow with the wood and the goddess to see where it would take me. From there, I wood burned the images on and the carved as I felt was needed.

I absolutely love texture and the carving gave the piece a really old worn simplistic feel that I absolutely love. From there came the painting. I used a special herbal wash infused with quartz crystal for the water base of my water colors. The herbal wash was made with the intent to honor the goddess Rhiannon.

The piece, though done completely different from how I normally worked turned out absolutely beautiful and I am so glad that I was asked to help create it!

If you are interested in a piece of your own feel free to e-mail or message through any of my social media platforms.

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