Trust and Align

The best thing about commissions is honestly, hands down, meeting and talking to the people who I will be doing the piece for. I always sit down and have a little chat with the person first to get a feel for what they are wanting, what they are needing, and how that needs to show up in their lives. This particular person is part of a group that I’m a part of. (You honestly should be a part of it too. Here’s a link. )

This lady wanted a piece to honor her personal journey and help give her strength through a very transitional phase in her life. I started this piece the same as I do every other piece. I draw out a sketch and choose the perfect piece of wood. This piece is made from Poplar.

From there comes the tracing and woodburning and carving.

I always mix up a special herbal mix and let the two sit on my altar over night before I begin the painting.

From there, I begin painting. I always steep the herbs in water and use that as my water wash for the water colors. This one I did a slightly different technique to paint the background and added some raised resin dots on the chakras. Honestly, I am over the moon with how this piece came out!

I am always open to do commissions. If you are interested message me to be put on my waiting list! Much love!

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