Inner Strength Pendulum Board

This pendulum board was made for a close friend of mine looking to bring in some inner strength, will power, and fire energy into her life. When I get asked to make a board or plaque for people it’s always interesting to see what comes out. The process for each board is similar but the magic happens before the board even begins.

I talk with the person, get a feel for who they are. When the time comes to work on the piece I reference the conversation and any notes I’ve taken and then get into a meditative state and begin to draw. Usually whatever comes out matches the persons specific needs and personality perfectly.

I then take to creating the piece. This part is similar for each piece. I will trace the image, wood burn the image, and do any carving. From here, each piece gets a special herbal blend wash based on the energy needed for the piece. I focus on protection, divination, psychic abilities, then add herbs based on the persons personal energy. I let the board completely dry then clear coat it with non-toxic laquer.

I absolutely love creating these pieces for each person. Everyone is different and every piece I’ve created thus far has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me, and for the person I create the board for.

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