Renee Commission

This is another commission piece for a special, special lady. She messaged me asking if I had any pendulum boards, that she was really wanting to start working that form of divination. I didn’t have any ready, but, I had literally, just the day prior, decided that I wanted to start making some. She has a habit of doing that. She’ll message me for something the day after I order or buy supplies to make it. Intuitive little wonder she is!

At any rate, since I didn’t have anything made, I decided to make this one just for her. She wanted some dark goddess, feminine power energy to her board. I had to think kind of hard about how I wanted to take the symbolism with this one…because I didn’t want it to be like anything else i had made, but I also wanted it to represent her energy and her growth into that side of herself.

A few things about this girl. She is all heart. No matter what she goes through in life, she comes from a place of true love for others. And I love that about her. And I also knew, that like so many other women in this time frame, that she is in the process of stepping into her power and truth. It seems to be a reoccurring theme lately. And it is fucking beautiful. Shout out to all of you ladies who are getting uncomfortable and doing the work. You are loved and appreciated!

At any rate, after some thought, I came up with this sketch.

Once I got the sketch laid out I traced the image on the board, then started to wood burn. This one, surprisingly, did not have any carving in it! But it did have tons of pyrography bits to it.

This piece opened up some new ideas for me. I wanted to incorporate the energy of some herbs. I make burning mixes all the time, and I really wanted that earthy, herby, raw, powerful energy that plants offer. I was perplexed until I decided that instead of using plain water I was going to infuse that water with an herbal blend for raw, powerful, beautiful, heart based dark goddess energy .

This piece created a whole different way for me to approach my wood art pieces, and since then, I’ve been making herbal water washes to use to with my water color pigments. It’s been working beautifully! And smells absolutely amazing while I’m painting.

After letting it dry fully and then putting a protective clear coat on it, it was finished! I can happily say that I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to make a piece for such a beautiful soul and I hope she loves it as much as I loved making it for her!

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