Gaia Wood Burning – Process

A few weeks ago I was hit up for a commission piece/trade with a wonderful friend of mine. We kind of talked a little bit about what she wanted…. She had really taking a liking to one of my previous pieces so I tapped into that energy but combined the theme of mother and child that she requested.

Whenever I start working on a piece for someone I try to have them be involved in the creative process as much as possible. I usually begin by sitting with the idea of what they want for a little bit and let the image take shape organically in my head first. I’ll actually see the end piece in my head before I even begin. Once the idea has taken shape I’ll do a few really rough sketches of the idea and then draw the line work.

From there I’ll size the image for the wood burning piece on my computer and print it out. The image is then traced onto to the wood. At this point the process can vary…but for this piece I decided to woodburn the outlines onto the wood.

After this comes the texture. I add texture to my pieces in various ways but for this particular piece I used my dremel to carve out certain areas to add depth and texture. I then touched up the wood burning line work as needed.

Now comes the fun part! In this piece I decided the sun and moon needed to come out of the image so I grabbed some of my favorite epoxy clay. It was truly one of those cases that as the art grew on the wood my vision for it changed slightly as well. P.S. If you have never used epoxy clay it truly is an amazing thing. It sticks to everything and dries hard as stone.

At this point comes the color and detail work. I prefer to use watercolor on my pieces because I can control the density easier and allow for the wood grain to come through where I need it. After I finish adding color I always seal with varnish. I usually do multiple layers to add depth and varnish between each layer to seal the color. On this piece, I wanted to go the extra mile and give her sky hair an extra dimension so I used glitter and foil cutouts then sealed them on with resin. I could not be happier with this piece. It turned out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and the new owner cannot wait to have the piece hanging on her wall!

If you are interested in one of my original art pieces send me a message via instagram, facebook, or simply click on the contact page listed above. Turn around and pricing varies depending on the piece.

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