Justice For Rajolei

I spoke a little about this in my Instagram post today and I’m going to post what I said there and maybe add just a little bit extra.

2019 for me was very difficult. Rajolei passed and left us in shock in March. In August I quit my job and shortly after our air conditioner went out. Let me tell you, August in Texas with no AC is not what you want… So we had to figure out how to pay for a $2500 ac unit to get our house livable again.

After that, things get fuzzy. We lost my great aunt and my aunt in a week. A few weeks later we lost one of our pet cats. Needless to say, in 2019 I was a fucking wreck and I’m still reeling in a lot of ways from the events that transpired.

But onto Rajolei. Him and his wife just showed up one day and carved their way into our little music scene here. He was friendly and very talented. Very easy to love. His wife is a poet and social activist and very quickly made waves in this city of ours. I grew to love them both.

I played mostly in punk bands, and Raj was a solo artist but that didn’t stop him from sharing the stage with us. No matter where he played he captivated audiences. The music scene was dying here and I fell off of the show circuit, but Raj? He didn’t know how to quit. He’d play in the street. Honestly, he didn’t care so long as he was making music. I loved that spirit about him. He didn’t give a fuck.

And as quickly as he showed up in our lives? He left. On March 21, 2019 he passed away in the back of a bar. I still am not going to go into much detail on the whys or hows of how that happened because I honestly do not know much. If you are interested in that information feel free to check out and follow the Justice For Rajolei Facebook Page to find out information as it is uncovered.

When Kim messaged me asking for memorial art for him and for some events she might possibly be throwing I jumped on it. I cried like a baby while working on it. I don’t know if it was unprocessed grief from last year or tears for the state the world is currently in but I cried and at the end of those tears decided I needed to make a candle for her to help her in her grieving process.

To a beautiful soul taken too soon, you will forever be in our hearts Raj. ❤

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