Santa Muerte Art

I find that I get inspiration from my surroundings and from people that are in my life and one of my biggest muses is my husband.  I make more things for him than I do anyone else and he is usually my guinea pig as to whether something will work or not.

For the past week I have been working on a drawing with him specifically in mind.  He works pretty closely with Santa Muerte in his spiritual practice and makes rosaries for people in his spare time.  While working on a rosary I thought I would draw my interpretation of her, whom I’ve lovingly given the name “the lady of the house.”

He liked the drawing a lot.  As such I decided to get some prints made.  This art print is available in 4×6, 8×10, 11×17 and on candles as well if that strikes your fancy.

I hand sketched her and did the line work using a micron pen.  I just got some new alcohol markers so I played around with them to come up with ideas of how I wanted the image colored.  Then I scanned and digitized in illustrator and added digital color in photoshop.

Interested in purchasing?
Monochrome Sepia Print
Full Color Print

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