Spooky Bag

I don’t sew very frequently, but every once in a while I will get an idea or think of something I need and not be able to find exactly what I am looking for. And then I am forced to to sew something piecemeal to get it exactly the way I envisioned it.  For this one, I needed a place to hold my cash, business cards, card reader, and receipts in one place.  I got tired of 5 different bags falling around in my backpack creating chaos.

Now, if I was smart I would have taken pictures as I worked through how I was going to make this, but I did not.  I started with the receipt organizer (around 5.00 at Wal Mart) and from there fumbled around with making patterns from paper until something finally worked properly.  The end result is better than I could have imagined!


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