Evil Eye Candles

Made with intention. Dressed with a special protection herbal mix.

Suggested Ritual:

Place a small bowl full of water on your altar. Light the candle and allow it to burn for a few minutes while you focus your intention on reversing the evil eye that has been cast on you. Once a decent amount of melted wax has accumulated on the candle, carefully lift it off of the altar and tilt it over the bowl of water. As the wax drips into the, water, recite the following:

As water meets fire,
this spell is come undone,
As water meets fire,
this spell is now broken.
As water meets fire, I am free,
Blessings to the Gods, so mote it be.

You can snuff the candle out for repeated use, or let the candle burn until done. REMEMBER to never let a candle burn without supervision.

WARNING: Dressed candles tend to burn hotter than other candles.

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