Dia De Los Muertos 2019

Saying this year was difficult is a slight understatement.  Aside from the major life changes I’ve had, I experienced a lot of loss.  I lost my Aunt and my Great Aunt within a week from each other.  And a few weeks later we lost our old man cat, which was actually harder than losing  my aunts.  And I had to keep rolling with life because I didn’t have the luxury or the want to sit in my feelings.  And the days passed until it was time to start planning our altar for the Dia De Los Muertos exhibit.  I knew it might be tough this year but I wasn’t quite expecting things to be quite as hard as they were.  We sat and talked about who we wanted to represent. We talked about memories of good times and bad times and the people we were going to be honoring.

The day we actually set up was very tear filled for me.  But we made it through it and the altar turned out really well.  We one people’s choice award.

But really, a thank you to all of the amazing artists that celebrated and honored their loved ones with us this past year is due.  It was truly an honor to be a part of this amazing event with you!!

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