Artist of the Month at Vida Pura Juicery

This month I decided on a whim to do Inktober.  My husband and I are both doing it actually.  It’s a really fun family event because all of the cats like to come and help us out too.  After posting a few of these designs I got a random message asking if I would be interested in hanging up some of my art at a juicery she manages.  The catch? It was in Austin.

By some amazing stroke up luck, in just a few days I was going to be heading up there to watch Nick Cave and celebrate my anniversary.

It’s pretty exciting for me as I have a really hard time putting myself out there in this way.  So once again, I just want to give a very huge thank you to Calles Art Expressions and Vida Pura Juicery out of Austin for giving me this opportunity!

There are free Vixxen Zines available while they last and all the prints there are for sale. ❤49811627_477231192812844_6877327034238894080_n


Vida Pura Juicery
2610 Manor Road #B
Austin, Texas 78722



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