The Twins

I just started playing around with watercolor.  Watercolor is such an interesting medium to work with and the different ways you can work with it and mold it into what you need it to be is absolutely amazing.

A few weeks ago I was meditating and a very sharp image appeared in my mind.  I was being pulled down into the bottom of the ocean.  It was so deep and dark it was beyond black.  I could see swirls and movement in this blackness that was deeper than black.

At the very bottom I could see a bright light.  It was beautiful.  As I moved closer I understood what I was looking at was a portal.  The portal lead to a galaxy and there was a constellation in the center of it that came into focus.  On either side of it were twin beings.  Their name was Fagau. (Fah-gole)  They wore dresses of fire and their heads were orbs of light.  They invited me to walk through the portal.

This is my feeble attempt at painting that image so I can remember it.


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