Moon Phase Altar Cards

Display these moon cards on your altar to help track the cycles in your daily practice. Use them as a reminder of your own cycles.

This set includes:

– 1 black storage box with iridescent crescent moon.

– 9 moon phase altar cards : New Moon, Waxing Crescent Moon, First Quarter Moon, Waxing Crescent Moon, Full Moon, Waning Crescent Moon, Last Quarter Moon, Waning Crescent Moon, Full Moon. The back of the card has a hand illustrated cat skull with flower wreath.

– 1 crescent moon sticker

– 1 handmade crescent moon altar stone with starry night background and iridescent moon

– 1 book/pendulum : Each bookmark/pendulum has three silver beads on one end. The silver beads are a reminder of our trinity, the body, mind, and spirit and how they need to remain in balance to live a healthy life. The other end has a crescent moon charm and a fire aura quartz stone. The stone and charm are wrapped with silver wire 9 times around to signify each moon phase.

– 1 reference booklet : The booklet is culmination of months of research and meditation and includes the personal references that I use in my practice. It includes workings, purpose, the corresponding holiday, a general theme, action, and a mantra as well as tarot, rune,crystal and herb correspondences for each moon phase. I understand my take on the phases might be different than others, but this is the way that I personally have found works best for me in my practice. If they don’t work for you, I encourage you to find your own as well!

All items in this set, including the cards, have been hand made with love, intention, and purpose.

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