Taco Cupcakes

My husband and I live in South Texas.  Tacos are a food, but down here they are practically a way of life.  After late nights at shows we would meet up with friends at the local taco joints to help with our hangovers and empty stomachs.  After doing it enough times to be regulars at all the taco spots we all decided to start a taco club.  And made it official by having shirts made.  The morning gatherings turned into pot luck dinners.  Everyone involved brings taco fillings or toppers or tortillas or sides.  I decided however, that I was going to bake delicious sweet desert tacos.  Sweet delicious Taco cupcakes.  As mentioned in my previous post I’m not the best at baking so I decided to go the easy route.  The baking part of baking for me is not so fun.  However, the decorating? It honestly is the best part.

Betty Crocker super moist butter pecan cake mix (Plus any ingredients listed on the back of the box)
Betty Crocker whipped vanilla frosting
Betty Crocker whipped chocolate frosting
Red long sprinkles (or red round sprinkles)
Yellow long sprinkles
Dark Oreo Cookie (I used mint creme oreos)
Light Brown oreo cookies (I used chocolate peanut butter pie oreos)
Green food coloring
Sweetened coconut flakes

Bake your cupcakes!

  1. Follow the directions on the back of the butter pecan cake mix box.  Bake your cupcakes.
  2. Let them rest for an hour.
  3. Ice your cupcakes.
  4. Now for the fun part! Make your mini cookie tacos!

Make your cookie tacos (This will make 24 tacos)!!

Make the Shells — Take the creme out of 12 of your light brown cookies and break each cookie in half.

Make the Ground Meat —  Take the creme out of 4 of your dark oreo cookies.  Place them in a bag an crush them.

Make the Lettuce — Take about half a cup of shredded coconut and mix in 3-4 drops of green food dye until the shredded coconut is totally covered.

Make the Tomatoes — Take your red sprinkles and slightly crush them.

Make the Sour Cream — Take a small bit of your vanilla frosting and put it in a sandwich bag with the corner slightly cut off.

The yellow sprinkles will be your cheese and the chocolate frosting is your beans and it’s main purpose is to be the glue that holds everything together.

  1. Take the two cookie halves with the oreo logos facing each other.  Put some of the chocolate icing between the two halves.
  2. Put your crushed oreos on top of the chocolate frosting.
  3. Put your lettuce on top of the crushed oreos.
  4. Put the yellow and red sprinkles on top of the lettuce.  It can helpful to mash it down into the chocolate icing.
  5. For the final touch, squeeze out a little drizzle of white icing on top of all of your taco fillings.
  6. Place your cookie taco onto the top of your cup cake, and voila! Taco cup cake!

They are really simple to make and absolutely delicious! I had a blast making these!



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