DIY Moon Earrings

A few months ago I ordered these super cute crescent moon earrings online.  I probably spent way too much on them but I was honestly okay with that because I had ordered from the company before and they usually sell quality items.  This time, sadly, I was totally wrong.

I wore them once and something happened, I’m sure it had to do with my clumsy self accidentally hitting the earring or bumping into something.  Regardless, after that, I would put them on and the post wouldn’t stay in it’s holder.  I would walk a few steps and the earrings would fall out of my ears.

I was so sad and slightly pissed because I had wasted $30 on something i could no longer wear.  I put them to sleep on my ready table and kind of forgot about them.

Until I lost my wedding ring. While I was looking for my ring I ran across those earrings again and had this brilliant idea on how to fix them. (Did I mention I was clumsy? Also, I finally did find my ring, it was resting next to those earrings, strangely enough)

The project required a few things.
– The earrings
– Wire (I chose black coated copper)
– Decorative beads (I chose silver metal spacers and a natural colored turquoise skull)
– Earring bits (I chose silver fish hook earring parts, though honestly I wish they would have some in black)
– Glue (There are a ton of different kinds of glue.  I wasn’t sure exactly what kind to get and to be honest I’m not sure I made the right choice, but as of right now after wearing a few times it seems to be holding up quite well.  My final glue choice was gorilla glue epoxy)

I did a quick trip to the store to pick up the items mentioned above and once I got off from work the project began!

As mentioned in a previous post, I always have a general idea of what I want the end product to be but I don’t always have a straight line route of how I’m going to get that end product.  And I rarely take pictures of the process because well, honestly, I get caught up in the project and kind of forget.

At any rate, the first thing I did was cut my wire.  I cut it about 6 inches long since I had no idea how long I would need it to be.  I wrapped it around the post of the earring to create a bottom loop and then beaded my three beads of choice on the wire.  I looped the wire through the earring bit, made sure that it was secure, then cut the wire flush so no little sharp points stuck out.  I made any adjustments I needed at that point to make sure it was straight, etc.  I then repeated that.

That, as it turns out, was the easy part.  At this point, I had two wire/bead/earring bit strands, two parts of the moon earrings with the post, and two parts of the moon earrings that were supposed to hold the posts in place on my ears, but didnt.  I laid them out in the way I would be putting them together, then  mixed my epoxy.  I brushed a thick coat of epoxy on all three parts where they were all going to touch and held them together until it stayed in place.  I had to do one at a time and I had to mix my epoxy multiple times since it took a while for everything to set (something I had not counted on)

At any rate, they were finally together, and everything held really well! After a few hours I went back and brushed more epoxy around the connection point a second time and let the set for a bit as well.  Then, just for shits and giggles and also because I loved the high gloss look the epoxy gave the moons, I put a third coat on it and coated the entire moon.

I wasn’t prepared for how fucking amazing the end result was going to be! Without further ado, here are my DIY “Man on the Moon” earrings.





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