Edit: I wrote this a few weeks back after I drew her. I decided to keep it intact since I feel its what brought her into being.

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster. I have been pmsing and this month it was a tough one. That coupled with the full moon and my insomnia peaking back into my life I was frazzled and frustrated and tired and moody and to be honest, slightly crazy. My wonderful husband listened to me cry and rant and go on about nothing and everything. I was upset at this and I was upset at that. I said some things I needed to say. (Keep in mind these things weren’t directed at him but he’s my best friend and I needed an ear.)

Come Thursday I had a full list of things I needed to do to prepare for the craziness of this weekend since I accomplished nothing the rest of the week… but my body decided otherwise. I don’t get sick often, but when I can feel the ickiness coming I take it pretty seriously as it usually a sign that I have pushed my body too far and a rest is in order. So instead of attacking my list I sat on the couch and cuddled with our cats, a hot cup of tea, and my sketch pad. I have been working pretty closely with a fascinating lady on a new zine project and we have been talking about themes for the first issue and high priestess/goddess was something we both had on our minds. I suppose that it was on the forefront of my mind as I sat down with the pen that day because this is what came out.

I personally feel it is so important to know and understand our cycles. It is also important to know and understand our darkest self. I am still learning about who I am on this journey. It’s a rough and bumpy road at times and sometimes we feel crazy and do crazy things. At the end of it all it is important to remember to accept and love that part of yourself as well because it is in fact still you. At the end of the day loving yourself, all of yourself, is the most radical and transformational thing that you can do in this day and age. Even on the days when you feel crazy and cry and yell and scream at the void. I think loving yourself on those days is more important than loving yourself on a good day. Honestly, we are all powerful goddesses. You just have to take hold of your own power and wield it. And sometimes, you need to understand that taking hold of that power means shirking that to do list and sitting on the couch relaxing with your cats.

P.S. The moon phases in the illustration are from another project I have in the works that I’m pretty stoked on.

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