Vixxen Zine

A friend of mine and I will begin work on this project soon. I’ve been wanting to design and layout on a zine again and this is what I felt compelled to do one over.

Tentative release date is January 2019. To keep up with it follow us on facebook, instagram, tumblr, and twitter by searching @vixxenzine. The website is

Vixxen is an art zine project based out of South Texas that celebrates bad girls/women who DO. We showcase women who live their busy daily lives and still find the time to honor themselves by creating art, playing in a band, writing, cooking, being spiritual, or doing whatever it is that brings them joy. We believe this simple act of doing with joy (instead of hate) inspires and empowers others to do the same.
Who is a Vixxen??
A Vixxen is a bad girl. She is someone who stays true to their truth. She builds others up instead of tearing them down. She is self-empowered. She is constantly learning and improving herself and helps empower those around her through her actions as well as her words. She is someone who stays honest to herself even if it means (and it usually does) going against the status quo. She isn’t afraid to stand up and stand out. Most importantly, she does. Because change doesn’t happen by sitting on your couch sharing a meme.

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