Dia De Los Muertos Altar

My husband is not a crafty person.  He is good at a lot of things.  He is supportive and loving and he works hard at his job to keep us on top of things.  He’s an excellent writer and a brilliant photographer.  But making things? Nope. That is my specialty.

Ever since last year however he has been talking about making a Dia De Los Muertos altar for his grandparents. We’ve been saving boxes for months in hopes of finding the perfect ones.  I bought him a ton of brightly colored craft supplies.  We found some Loteria cards and skeletons from the dollar store.  I pulled out all of my fabrics and supplies and we got to working.  I didn’t want  to make it for him.  I really wanted him to put his creativity and energy into the project.  I helped him paint and line the boxes with fabric but let him take over the rest.  Crom helped us pick the fabric of course.

I have a bad habit of taking over these type of projects.  In fact I bought certain things because I had an onslaught of ideas in my head in the store.  But this time I let him take the reins.  And honestly, I’m so proud of him for finishing and for stepping outside of his comfort zone to do something like this.  It turned out wonderfully!



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