Vegan Fall Festival

On the 13th of October Tim and I drove to Austin for BBQ Revolutions fall festival.  I was pretty excited about it.  I’ve been vegetarian for close to a full year now and I love it.

Finding different meal options to keep things fresh is a hassle sometimes.  Going out to eat with people who don’t necessarily get it can be tough.  But it is what it is.   When our buddy Blake brought up doing a Vegan fall festival I had to jump on it.  It was my second time setting up a table at an event and it’s always kind of nerve racking for me.

It always turns out okay, but I tend to worry. This one particular event was super fun.  I finally got to meet Bridget from Skulls that Bloom.  She makes these gorgeous cute little bows and is a trooper! She’s constantly at events in and around Texas (but mostly Austin) so more than likely she will be in your area at some point soon.  You can follow her on facebook and she is pretty good about posting her latest creations.
But on top of the rad vendors there, let’s talk about the food.  Zucchini Kill Bakery was there with delicious sweet treats.  Cool Beans Eatery was there with Agua Fresca, Elote, and Tamales.  And the best of all… BBQ Revolution was there with his famous BBQ.  We ate so much food that I could hardly move after it was all said and done!  It was a really fun time and I can’t wait for him to have more events like this!

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