Loveletter – Whiskey & Cigarettes EP

Before my husband and I became a couple there was this band.  He had gone through a terrible divorce.  I had recently left a person I had been with for 7 years.  We were best friends before the band. Before the divorce. Before the break up.

Part of his therapy was playing music and when they were looking for a bass player, I was the natural choice. Because I also needed something to help me through my break up. This band was so much fun, and unlike any other band I’ve been it.  It was folky and nick cavey and tom waitsy and a bunch of other things combined and it was so much fun.  But after being on the road with him and seeing him every week for practice, and then moving into the band house with the guys, we became closer. And that friend boundary was breached… and we never looked back.  This album was one of my favorites and the name was so perfect because I chain smoked and he was notorious for drinking entire bottles of whiskey in one sitting. The picture itself was one I had taken on the road on the way to some show.  These times were fun.  We made so many memories!  But the beauty of it all is we have so many more to make!  Here’s to life and music and good memories.


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