Bathroom Makeover

This had been on my to do list for a very long time. We have a very very small bathroom but I really really wanted a place to keep my bath salts and bubbles and candles for my long soaks in the tub.  I was getting so tired of carrying it from my office every time I wanted to do it.  Money and lack of time / energy always came into play.  I finally decided that it was time.  I had a fit of inspiration on how I wanted it fixed up and it needed to happen.

I found the shelf at Wal Mart for next to nothing and after 30 minutes had it together and attached to the wall.  I started putting everything on the shelf and decided that I needed to have some special candles to help with my baths.  I hand painted these three and added some crystals as decor.  I had my first bubble bath with this new set up a few nights ago and I have to say I absolutely love it and am glad I finally pulled the trigger on getting this project completed!


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