Holy Fear Backdrop

Doing murals is not something I normally do.  It’s a commitment and it takes a lot of time and effort. But it’s also kind of exciting to work on something like that I guess simply because it’s different.  And it is really something else to see something you created bigger than life.

I think I clocked this particular project at around 20 hours give or take a few.  We chose to keep it simple as a black and white piece since it was going to be used as a backdrop for my husbands band.  I’m hoping the black light they use  on stage will helps to accentuate the white a little bit but I suppose we will see once they use it for the first time.  There is something otherworldly about finishing a piece like this.  You put so much time and effort and energy into a piece like this.  You leave a part of yourself in the art.  I’m very proud of this and so glad I found the energy and time to actually finish it.  I hope the boys enjoy using it!


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