Punk Rock Flea Market Recap

This past Saturday was my first vending event!  I was really really nervous and wasn’t sure if any of the things I had put together would sell.  I’m happy to report that the event was a success!  We were on the fence about going.  The weather has been so terrible lately and we did not want to drive three hours in the rain just to sit in the rain.  Somehow though, the weather pulled together and we got there with little to no issues and in Bryan itself?  It was gorgeous and sunny!  We brought our good friend Eli to set up a little thrift spot of shirts and records next to my things.

The event itself was so wonderful!  Ian and his family did a great job putting it all together! (Check out his business Pokes N Prints)  There were tons of great artists and creators there! (One of my favorite being Hrothgar Design Studio  and also the lovely lady whose name I didn’t catch who painted the skulls!) I didn’t get to go around and meet very many of the vendors I stayed pretty busy at my booth  but the few people I did get to meet were so nice and supportive!

I loved how small the whole event was and I absolutely adore Revs.  It is one of my favorite venues to be at and it is definitely in my favorite town.  Bryan has something special going on and in all my years of doing projects and being in bands I haven’t found any other place that comes even close to the magic of that scene.  I got to catch up with tons of friends I haven’t seen in such a long time.  In the end I almost sold out of a few items and over all sold quite a lot!  I am very excited to continue on this journey with Melted Zipper and see where it takes me.  Doing something with my art under the name Melted Zipper has been a dream of mine for years so it feels good to finally get it all going.  Below are a few pictures I took yesterday.  Lots of love to everyone I met! (And to the lovely lady who painted the skulls, you rock!)

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