The Victoria Show :: Decode 361

It’s taken me forever to get this post out there so forgive me for that.  On August 25 the gallery opening of The Victoria Show :: Decode 361 happened.  Decode 361 is an art gallery showing at Five Points Museum of Contemporary Art comprised of artists local to the Victoria/Crossroads Area in Texas.

When I first heard about this possibility I was so excited.  My husband and I have been advocates for unknown local artists for years so the fact that this museum was willing to showcase local talent instead of bringing in a well known artist from outside the city limits to “draw crowds” put a smile on my face.

My husband submitted some of his photographs and out of the hundreds and hundreds of applicants, three of his photos were chosen.   I cannot put into words how proud of him I am and how amazing it is to see how far his photography has grown over the years.  Another very good friend of ours, Patrick Ellis, a musician/photographer from our little scene had his photography chosen as well.

I have to give props to Five Points for doing something like this for the area.  There are tons of talented people here who don’t get the credit that they deserve. So Five Points? A huge thank you from very pleased supporter of local art and the artists that create it.


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