Tree Mural

Since I was a little girl I remember being in love with trees. Both live trees, and dead trees.

Tree Located Outside of Gonzales, TXThink about it.  They are no longer alive but unlike humans, they still stand tall and proud.  They show no fear of death.  They have this beauty about them I can’t describe.  Once I got my drivers license I would actually go around small towns near shiner and take pictures of some of the more fascinating trees I would find.  It was this weird little hobby I had. I loved it.  I have an art journal I made years ago of different trees that I loved.

When we moved into our house, I always had this idea of what I wanted to do with my office.  I would finally, after years of sacrificing, have a space of my own! But…. it sat empty and sad for about a year.  I had a desk and a shelf for my computer and some books but that was about it.  I finally after a long drought found the creative spunk I needed to get my office the way I wanted and of course, by some magic I managed to have all of the colors I needed to paint the walls the way I wanted.

I did not design the art for this mural, though I really do wish that I had.  I had it in one of my inspiration folders for years and I have no idea who the original artist was but it spoke to me and I knew this was the piece I wanted in my office.  I’ve never really been afraid of death.  I came to terms with it years ago.  That doesn’t mean when people in my life pass away that I don’t get sad, it just means that when it is my time to go I will not go in fear.  I want to stand tall and strong like my tree brethren with no regrets and the peace of knowing that I had lead a fulfilling and happy life on my own terms.

It took me a while to finish this bad boy… But It adds a wonderful element to my office and my sacred space.  Maybe one of these days I’ll actually do a small tour of my office.. (I’m seriously that proud of it, ha ha!) until then, here is my favorite part of it.  Much love! ❤

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