Tree of Life Fence Mural

Last year a friend of mine messaged me about helping her paint her fence. She wanted a light background with a silhouette of a tree of life. At the time I had quite a bit on my plate but we found a weekend that we were both free and busted it out.

The process isn’t really that interesting. I had her send me the fence measurements and I drew/laid out the tree so that it would take up the fence perfectly. (She wanted it to run the full length of the fence) After that was done, I split the image to fit on 8.5 x 11 transparencies. She pre-painted the fence background to help save us some time and so that all I had to worry about was business when I got there.

Friday evening, I showed up with my transparencies and my projector. We started on the left side of the fence and projected the image, traced it, and moved down the fence line lining up each new section with the last until we were finished.

That Saturday, We painted the silhouette on the fence. It took a full 8 hours but it was so worth it! It was gorgeous!

Then last August Hurricane Harvey hit. And her fence was destroyed. Life works that way sometimes though. Nothing in this life lasts forever. There are fun awesome memories we make though and that is the important part of it all. Painting that fence brought us closer together as friends. And then life in all of her glorious ferocious beauty will come and make a mess of things and you have to start over. But that’s all part of it. I’m glad I was able to help her even though this was around only for a short while.

Photos courtesy of C. Robbins.


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