DIY Oven Mits

Believe it or not, I am probably one of the most absent minded clumsy people in Texas.  I spend just about the same amount of time fixing things as I do making them. We joke around all the time about how we can never have nice things.

Skeleton Oven Mits

A few years back as a wedding gift we got these really cool oven mitts that have an x-ray skellington hand on them.  And well, a few months back miss genius decided it would be a great idea to set them on a hot stove top and burn the shit out of them.

At any rate, it’s Halloween time.  I was hoping to find some to replace them.  Problem is, although I love Halloween decorations, I’m pretty picky about the ones that enter into my home.  Everything this year is soooo cheesy! So I tried to brainstorm a way to fix the ones I messed up…

img_3786 (1)And it hit me! There is this awesome stuff called EZ-Steam II.  It’s basically a fusible web and it stands up pretty well to wear and tear.  At least it has on past projects.

I found some relatively cheap black mitts at the dollar store and cut the image out of the old mitts.  I followed the directions on the back of the packaging.  And well…. here’s the end result! It turned out pretty well!

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