DIY Plates

We’ve been slowly updating our kitchen over the past year with new pots and pans, knives, and the like.  I already spent quite a bit of time turning some cheap dollar store and wal mart items into our dream red and black skellington kitchen, which you can view here.  Up next on my list was dishes.  I’ve been looking around online and waiting for Halloween decorations to see if I can find any rad dishes that don’t cost an arm and a leg (We’re on a budget..)

Skull Plates DIYI was perusing sites online and found out that Mod Podge makes this great version that’s dishwasher safe.  I mean.  Where has this been all my life and why in the hell am I just finding out about this right now?

I then came across this and this both of which pretty much cemented my idea. (Check out the OUR NERD HOME one for sure.  That site is amazing.)

So off to price shop I go.  My husband and I decided we wanted round plates and although the fancy ones at the sites above look rad as shit, we wanted simple and classic.  We decided to go with round plates and no color, just skull and clear (although I tossed around the idea of doing black backgrounds, red backgrounds, or clear around the skulls with a black band closer to the outer rim of the plate… in the end though, we stuck to our original idea)

I found the plates I wanted at Wal Mart.  $1.00 for small plates.  $1.50 for larger plates and the mod podge shown to your left for around $5.00. For a total of around $15-ish.

I designed the skulls I wanted to size and got them printed, for about $2.00. (Total of around $17.00 total)  I cut out the skull and cross bones using an exacto knife.  Then followed the directions to a T on the back of the mod podge bottle.  Any time I use something new for the first time I’m always worried about it not working so directions are my friend.

I wiped the back of the glass plate with alcohol to clean it, used a brush to put mod podge on the plate.  I kept the mod podge within the middle circle of the plate.  Then put mod podge on the image side and adhered it to the back of the plate making sure to get out any and all bubbles.  Put a few more layers to seal the image and I was done!  It was pretty easy.  The glossy mod podge has a really bad habit of leaving the brush lines on surfaces, any surfaces,  so I was really careful to make sure that I liked the way the texture looked because you can see it through the glass.  We both loved the way these turned out!

The directions say to wait 28 days for it to cure before use so we put it in a safe spot our cat wouldn’t destroy them…  We can’t wait to use them and see how well this new mod podge actually works! UPDATE: It does! Perfectly! Three years later and we are still using them!


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