Graffitti Wall — Victoria TX

Around about a year ago some local film makers got a ton of artists together for a documentary they were doing. They got permission from the city and a building owner, and competely painted up every wall. They brought down Stohead, Risk, SPRAYTX, Jade the Creator, and tons more artists from out of town and state.


They also asked a few select local artists to join in and gave them bits of wall to paint on. Most of the people involved in this were straight up graffiti artists. The locals however, worked in different mediums normally and this was their first chance to paint on a canvas so big. Not many local artists were given the opportunity but I’m happy to say that two very close friends of ours were asked. Both of them are amazingly talented.

Our friend Avlo was one these lucky artists. He loves big canvases.


Most if the time he’ll take a huge roll of canvas, tape it to a wall, and paint on it. He has a very folk art / found art style. He’s also a badass film maker. Lately he’s been experimenting in different mediums but his dream has always been to have an entire wall to do with as he wished. The final painting is amazing. It delves into Mexican folklore and the masked heroes known as Luchadores.

Our other friend, Fritz Keen (AKA Danny K) is the other artistIMG_3346. My husband and I roomed with him in what we lovingly dubbed the band house. He’s been a painter for years. He’s been a musician for longer. Anything he touches turns to gold. He’s a brilliant artist and an even greater friend. Dannys style has more of an abstract tendency. He goes through phases where he experiments with different styles or ideas, does 5 – 10 paintings in that style, then moves on. This was his “double” phase. He would take a picture of person, simplify it, and then unfocus it into two connected yet distinct figures.


It’s weird sometimes to reminisce on events. To note how things have changed. And the things that haven’t. A lot can change in a year. Danny moved to NOLA with his girlfriend. Avlo is working on a another film and focusing on his health. At any rate, those moments are memorialized on a vacant building located in downtown Victoria that will hopefully remain around for years to come.

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