Self Medicated: A Film About Art


A few years ago my husband and I were helping out a local film festival. We had a podcast and did event coverage for artsy events and comic conventions or anything really that we deemed cool enough to spend our time on, this was one of those events.


At this film fest, we met the guys from the Antagonist Movement and became really good friends with them. They had two films screening, one entitled “Never Records: You Are Not Listening” and the other entitled “The Dolls of Lisbon“. Both of them rocked my world. In a very good way. You should definitely check out both of those films if you have a chance.

I’m from a very small town of 2,000 people. Those people aren’t very accepting of people or ideas that are different than their own and I didn’t quite fit their mold. So I left and moved to another place that I thought would be different. Turns out, it’s a bigger version of the town I was from. The creatives in this town have to work twice as hard as those in bigger cities to be heard. There is one music venue that lets punk, metal, or indie bands play music. There are no open mic nights. No galleries for up and coming artists to show their work. The few DIY venues that have popped up have been shut down by the city. The spoken word and poets have an event monthly at a mexican restaurant (not a necessarily a bad thing… the foods amazing) after losing their venue. (Prior to this it was done in a friends house) Don’t get me wrong. You can get things done here. It just takes a lot more energy and time and patience than it would in say…. Houston. Or Austin. You can only fight so much until you say fuck it. But, I’ve made my home here. And I’ve learned that anything worth doing is going to be difficult.

The thing about those films that struck me so hard… for the first time in my life I felt like I had met people like me. People that understood what I was going through. People that would accept me for me. Not to say that I didn’t have people like that in Victoria, just that this group of people were organized, doing things, and making a difference. Constantly moving. Constantly creating. Something the town I live in lacked. That first time we met them, them being Ethan Minsker, James, and Crispy, Ethan had taken interest in our podcast and zine and wanted to interview us for his new art documentary entitled “Self Medicated: A Film About Art“.


The Self Medicated film debuted in Austin, TX and then a month later screened in Victoria’s film fest. Three of the artists, myself included, got together and decided to do a live screen printing event as part of the film screening. We each created a design (mine is shown above), I burned, prepped, and readied the screens (I do screen printing for a living so I was volunteered) and then printed shirts, bags, or whatever people brought in to be printed. It was a pretty amazing thing to be a part of. It was so awesome to feel like you were a part of something bigger than yourself and doing what you love while you’re at it.

There are times that I feel it would be easier to simply stop. I get so tired. I’ve become jaded. Life has hit hard this past year between drama amongst people in the scene, family problems, and loss. And yet, I think back to this event…to those people. And I’m reminded I can’t stop. Tim always told me that we are sharks. If we stop we die. I believe he’s right. Art is war. Art saves.


If you are interested in viewing screenings of Self Medicated their facebook page has information on upcoming screenings.

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