DIY Magnets

Have you ever seen those really rad magnets at those novelty stores?  Yeah?  Me too.  How many times have you decided it was a good idea to dish out the $5 plus bucks to buy one?  Yeah… unless the magnet was super rad or something that I’m purchasing as a memory from a road trip I don’t think I have either.  I mean.  I really do love star wars.  But no thanks.


I’ve had this roll of magnet material for years.  Someone was throwing it out and I remember offering to take it because “you never know when you’ll need magnet material.” I also had every intention of using it to make those really super rad magnets I mentioned earlier.

I gave my husband the job of looking up art (I did the same).  We went and got them printed (Laser printers print so much cleaner!) and then I got to work. I cut out the images to my liking and put a light coating of mod podge on the back of the paper and the front of the magnet material.  I let that dry and then sealed it up.  I put on a few coats and once it was dry I cut out the magnets to my liking using an exacto knife.

They turned out pretty all right… but now we have almost way to many magnets. ha ha. Which I’m not sure is really a bad problem to have.

If I did it all over again I would make sure that I flatten the material out first (It was stored in rolled up position) as it caused me a few issues as I was working on the project (It caused some of the images to slightly bubble up after they dried)


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